Do you ever feel like crying? 

Do yu ever feel like criying? 

After a long day, with meetings lying on your back like wasted hours, cold drops in your feet. 

Or maybe after a heavy talk with a loved one, trying to get the respect that you want, the agnoledge that you deserve in a round of crossed words, Trying to prove your point, trying to be loved. 

Have you ever feel like criying when you see a gesture from someone you know in a stangers face. 

Does your body burst in tears when your pride is being intruded by a stranger in the street, by an abusive word from your boss, by the guy who is in a hurry and you happen to be in his way. . 

Do you let your self feel the tikkle in your nose , after a paused breath, pass trough your eyes and iniciate the descending drop on your cheek? 

‘Cause more and more I found my self hiding my tears in places, where nobody else can find them, wasibg my face with water, moaning in a corner where no body can listen. No body know what to do with sadness with solace. No body knows how 



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